• Land plot

    Location Kaliningrad

    The location is set relative to the landmark located within the boundaries of the site

    Postal address of the landmark: Kaliningrad. Rucheynaya street. Pravaya Embankment street.

    Type of property rent for 49 years.

    All necessary documentation for the site is available (without encumbrances)

    Cadastral number of the plot 39: 15:111612:8 from 18.12.2001

    Land area 82 737 m2

    The plot has direct access to the bank of the Pregolya River.

    On the plot there are two railway dead ends

    Thus, the site has road, rail and water accessibility.

    There is a 400 kW transformer substation on the site.

    LLC Lesobalt has the ability to supply electricity to the site in the amount of up to 3 MW.

    There is a possibility of heat supply.

    On the site, work was carried out on the horizontal layout of the ground with the laying of geotextiles and sand filling. A reclamation system has been installed.

    Previously, it was planned to build a mooring front of a timber processing plant on the site. All project documentation is available.