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    Lesobalt company offers high-quality solid boards made of Siberian larch. This wood species is perfect for the production of solid board. Larch is elastic, flexible, and durable, easily processed, has excellent rotting resistance, and repels excess moisture. The larch solid boards are the result of an effective combination of modern technology with a proven tradition of quality and durability. The solid board is indispensable for finishing of terraces, verandas, garden houses, saunas, bath houses, offices, cottages, villas, or laying floors. The larch solid boards are durable, easily processed, fit well into the interior, fill the house with warmth, and create an atmosphere of comfort.

    We manufacture the following types of solid boards:

    • Decking (composite decking)
    • Planken
    • Beam imitation
    • Planking
    • Floor board

    Wood moisture content:

    18±2% — Decking (composite decking), Planken, Beam Imitation

    8-15% — Planking, Floor board

    The length of the solid boards: min — 2700 mm, max – 6000 mm

    Monthly production capacity of solid boards is up to 600 cbm.




    Планкен классический

    Планкен классический

    Планкен косой 1

    Планкен косой 1

    Планкен косой 2

    Планкен косой 2

    Planken (facade board) is a beautiful, durable facing material meeting the latest fashion trends. Planken gives the facades a unique, attractive, modern and stylish look. The basic material for the manufacture of planken is the Siberian larch, which is known for its resistance to weathering conditions, resistance to rotting, microorganisms and parasites. So basically planken is used for facing the facades of buildings, pavilions, terraces. Our company manufactures two main profiles of the planken: classic and angled.

    Basic sections of planken:

    1) Angled planken



    2) Classic planken





    Beam Imitation and Block house