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    Брус Сосна 2Брус Лиственница 1Брус Дуб

    Window glued laminated lumber is an environmentally friendly material for the manufacture of high-quality wood windows. Window glued laminated lumber is stronger than usual solid timber, it is subjected to almost no distortion, and does not crack. It has good thermal-insulating properties. Glued laminated lumber does not deform at rapid change of temperature.  Window glued laminated lumber is a flat surface, uniform color and finish. brus-1.


    Our company produces window glued laminated lumber of different sections made of solid or glued finger joint stock pieces in full concordance with the recommendations of the German Institute of Window Technologies ift Rosenheim.






    Klassifizierung von Kantel

    Kantel werden nach folgenden Typen klassifiziert – 1(DKD), 2(DKK), 3(KKK) und hängt von der Aufbau von durchgehenden und keilgezinkten verleimten Lamellen und deren Längen ab:

    Typ 1 (DKD) – innere Lamelle ist keilgezinkt (Länge von einzelnen Werkstücken min = 120 mm). Die Decklagen sind durchgehend. Es ist zulässig die lamellierte Kantel aus drei durchgehenden Lamellen zu produzieren.

    Typ 2 (DKK) – mittlere und eine von äußeren Lamellen sind keilgezinkt (Länge von einzelnen Werkstücken innen min = 120 mm, außen min = 200 mm). Eine Decklage ist durchgehend. Es ist zulässig die Kantel aus 2 durchgehenden und 1 keilgezinkten Lamellen zu produzieren.

    Typ 3 (KKK) – alle Lamellen sind keilgezinkt (Länge von einzelnen Keilzinkstücken innen min = 120 mm, außen min = 200 mm).

    Window pine glued scantling

    Брус Сосна 2

    Брус Сосна

    The window glued pine scantling is one of the materials in great demand as of today. That is the guaranteed quality of the product at a relatively low price. The window glued pine scantling means ease of processing, excellent thermal insulating properties, and high sound-insulation properties.

    Basic sections of the pine scantlings:









    Monthly production capacity of the glued pine scantlings is up to 2000 cbm.



    Window larch glued scantling

    The window glued larch scantling is a popular material in the window production industry in Russia and Europe.  The distinguishing characteristics of this wood make the products manufactured out of the glued larch scantling durable.  The glued larch scantling has a high resistance to adverse weather conditions, rotting, fungoid and mold growth, has a high degree of durability and reliability. Window products made of larch glued scantlings last longer, do not require additional treatment by septic substances. On top of that the window larch scantling has a beautiful texture capable to decorate any interior of a country house or a city apartment.

    Basic sections of the larch scantlings:






    Monthly production capacity of the glued larch scantling is up to 1500 cbm



    Window oak glued scantling

    Брус Дуб

    Брус Дуб

    The window glued oak scantling is the elite material for the production of modern wooden windows. The high technological properties are laid down in it by the nature itself: low thermal conductivity, incomparable strength, durability and resistance to frost.

    Oak is the known precious and expensive species, famous for its beautiful texture with a powerful distinguishing picture of fibers. Products made of oak for centuries are valued for their beauty, strength and durability. Their warmth and life energy cannot be overestimated. The unique texture and surface finish of the oak make the products made of this material elegant and noble elements of the interior. Oak is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, strength and endurance.

    Basic sections of the oak scantlings :




    Monthly production capacity of the glued oak scantlings is up to 200 cbm


    Glued scantling from the manufacturer in Kaliningrad at the lowest prices!