• Products

    Lesobalt LLC Company is one of the large plants in the North – West Federal District Kaliningrad.

    The original raw materials for the enterprise is round wood and sawn wood. Basic processed species are pine, Siberian larch, European oak. Modern technologies provide automatic control of drying complex.  Which in its turn results in high quality of the manufactured products.  With a full production cycle of the sawn log and sawn wood processing by the high quality equipment, as of today Lesobalt company offers a wide range of sawn wood products.

    All products of the company are certified by the international board of trustees of  ®FSC. Manufacturing has no harmful emissions into the atmosphere, water and the environment. The company possesses a boiler room, working on the bark formed during the logs debarking process. The resulting heat is used for technological needs and heating the plants.

    Wood chips and wood dust produced in the workshops are sold by the company in full to the processors and urban boilers working on bio-fuel. Currently, the company is considering the projects of its own processing of wood chips and wood dust into the promising bio-fuels.

    Kinds of products

    WINDOW THREE-LAYERED GLUED SCANTLING is a modern eco-friendly material for the production of window units. The company produces the window scantling of different sections, made of solid or finger-jointed pieces. Only the pieces of radial cut are used for the production of scantling.

    SANDED FURNITURE PANEL of different sizes of coniferous and deciduous species of wood. Furniture Panel is a natural, environmentally friendly material with high strength properties. It is used for the manufacture of window board, furniture, doors, stair elements, casewoods, furniture fronts, tabletops, and performance of finishing works. The thickness is from 18 mm to 45 mm. The width is from 300 to 1200 mm. The length is up to 5000 mm.

    SOLID BOARDS are deckings of different sections, floor board, beam imitation, block house, planking, and smooth planed board. All solid boards are made of larch wood. Larchwood is notable for extreme resistance to decay, even in the absence of any antiseptic treatment.

    FRAME SCANTLING – made of cut pieces with knots, which cannot be used for production of the glued window scantling and board panel. The field of application includes frame house building, furniture industry, construction materials, structure material for garden houses and elements of landscape designing.