• Production

    Production process:

    • Round logs from vendors are supplied to two railway sidings located on the territory of Lesobalt LLC. Saw logs unloading from the cars is performed by the “Sennebogen” forklift to the pile bottoms. The unloaded round timbers are transported to the collecting table of the “Holtec” grade line from the railway by means of “Volvo L180E” wood stacker truck with clam and “Senneboge” automatic loader. The capacity of the collecting table is up to 30 m3 of sawn logs in step.


    • The timber logs of certain diameter from the sorted wood warehouse are moved to the collecting table of the loading machine of the radial cutting shop according to the production order by the “Volvo L180E” wood stacker truck and “Sennebogen” automatic loader. The automatic line «EWD» performs cutting by the unique technology of producing radial sawn wood products. This line allows sawing round wood with the diameter ranging from 20 to 60 cm with a capacity of up to 700 m3 of incoming raw materials per shift.
    • After being sawed, the edged sawn wood is submitted to the transverse chain conveyor with the help of which it is moved to the “Kallfass” grade line.  After sorting the sawn wood is supplied to the buncher which automatically forms the drying packages of the following dimensions: width of 1200 mm, height  of 1200 mm, and maximum length of 4200 mm.


    • The drying complex consists of 24 kilns (4 blocks of 6 kilns) of “Muhlbock” company, designed for drying sawn wood, and equipped with the drying process automatic control system.

    The overall volume of one kiln is 250 m3. The average capacity of one kiln for the sawn wood of the thickness of 30 mm and the width of 97 mm is 125 m3 of sawn wood.


    • Dried sawn wood is supplied to the buffer warehouse. From the buffer warehouse the packages of sawn wood of a certain section size according to the shift task are supplied by the electric loader to the shop to the optimization line transverse conveyor equipped with the “Wood Eye” modern wood defects scanning and cutting equipment.
    • The fixed length wood and short cut wood after optimization are supplied to the “Combipact” lengthwise gluing line. The glued stock pieces are trimmed in length to the target size, packaged and sent to the “ContiPress 6300”, “ContiPress 4500”, or “ProfiPress PP 5500” pressing line.
    • Next glued profiled log with the help of the forklift is installed on the transverse conveyor of the “Hydromat H23 C” moulder-planer, where it is planed on all four sides and is supplied to the “FISCHER SFV 1100 HS” automatic stacking and packing line. The packed bundles with the finished product are transported by the forklift to the warehouse of finished products.


    • At the end, the finished products are supplied to the finishing (planing, sanding) and packaging sections.
    • The company also has a section for the production of molded products. The produced nomenclature of which consists of more than 15 different profiles, decking, floor boards, imitations of profiled log, battens, and planken.

    At each stage of production the products undergo the mandatory quality control, for this purpose the company has a laboratory and the quality control department.