• About the company

    Everyone is committed to creating supportive and healthy atmosphere in his own house. Eco-friendly products made of natural wood can help it.  Wood at the time of use does not emit any harmful and toxic air pollutants. Quite the contrary: natural resins and essential oils having beneficial effect on human body and phytoncides known for their antibacterial properties are released into the environment. Initially the wood was the first material, which was actively used in the construction. However, it is worth noting that for a long time people have been learning to deal with the instability of the wood geometry. Thanks to the special technology of production, such material received the name of glued profiled log. Over time it began to gain more popularity. Therefore, the products made of glued profiled logs are very popular.

    Lesobalt LLC is a stable, dynamically developing company. In our work we rely on the latest technology, modern equipment, professionalism, creating a cohesive team of associates to address the quickly changing needs of our numerous clients located in various countries in Europe and Asia.

    Our company has a modern woodworking equipment and advanced technologies for the product of glued wooden products. The main products of the company are multi-layered window profiled logs at the production of which only the lamels of radial cut are used, and which are produced by the company now in a volume of 2500 m3 per month. Except for the profiled logs, the Kaliningrad complex also manufactures glued board panels, profiled trim moldings, decking, small strip glued profiled logs, wall profiled logs, wall board, exotic hagara (planed boards of glued small strip profiled logs) and other products of deep wood processing. The wood supplied from Siberia and the northern regions of Russia, which is especially appreciated in European countries – the Angara pine and Siberian larch, are used for the production.

    The mission of the company is the production of high-quality window profiled log meeting the highest European standards of quality made of wood harvested in the best regions of Russia.


    The main trends of development

    The increase of the finished product production volumes

    The increase of the Siberian larch products share (glued profiled log, board panels, trim moldings)

    Round wood added-value processing

    Our main buyers are located in the following countries:  Germany, Norway, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine.

    We try to establish a partnership and warm friendship with each of our customer.

    The structure of the company

    Lesobalt LLC, the company in Kaliningrad, has a full production cycle of processing sawlog and sawn wood products, including the round wood sorting processes, unique technology of in-line radial sawing, drying, computer optimization of sawn wood products and gluing finished products.

    Lesobalt Ltd.Bratsk Branch Office, Irkutsk region, with two sawing lines: The heavy-duty line of sawing the small diameter sawlog into saw wood products for the supply to the market of Europe and Asia, and the radial sawing line for providing the company in Kaliningrad with the raw materials.